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Swayamsiddh Moneylife Article
National Trust Award & Certification
  Special children, mentally challenged children, mentally deficient children, children with mental disabilities, mentally retarded children, mongoloids, etc. are some of the many terms used to describe children who we believe are simply differently able.

But what do parents do, when they are the chosen ones for bringing up a special child? Hide “it” away, appoint a nurse, curse fate, try black-magic tantriks, visit God-men, wait for them to grow up and marry them off for a fat dowry OR silently train themselves and the child to enable the child to be independent and self sufficient...

Parents, when they come to know about the special needs of their child, often are shocked and overwhelmed by the uncertainty of their future not knowing what exactly to do! Thus, it becomes very important that along with children, parents also are trained & educated to recognise the strengths & weaknesses of their child. Specially the mothers, as they are closer to the child and their personal involvement can help the child grow in a much better way than any professional organisation.

Society at large generally refuses to accept the fact that every individual human is distinctly different and each has his or her own individual talents and capacities to deal with the day to day life. Most of the time we are so engrossed in the so called “Rat Race” to be the best that we take for granted that our children are the best and will always be toppers. Many a times people look upon mentally challenged children as abominations which are not possible, which are unreal and are mostly unable to accept them as part of mainstream society. Yes, these children and their parents do face many hurdles but none which are insurmountable... with the right training and if required, the right medical treatment. More often than not they are misunderstood and as a direct consequence are abused.

Actually these are the true Children of God as they know no other emotion than pure unconditional love. They expect nothing more than love, in return for their love.

We, at Swayamsiddh, have made it our life’s mission to help society understand these children better and recognize them for what they are, the true Children of God.

We, at Swayamsiddh, have made it our life’s mission to help these children overcome all their hurdles and integrate themselves in mainstream society as much as possible and also to help them lead, as far as possible, an independent life.

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